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NERBIES: Already A Ladies Man!

If you couldn’t tell, my husband and I are KINDA’ excited about our little boy. I’ve only got about 2 1/2 months to go and things are great.

Blair has been even more excited then usual - putting together the baby furniture, showing our friends the ultrasound videos and talking about mini-Herter CONSTANTLY.

In response, one of our good buddies (who is a hilariously funny writer, well-known in the game biz and an all-around talent) started up an @BabyHerter twitter account.

Even I’ve got to say it’s pretty damn funny. Especially when my little goober is mackin’ on Suri Cruise from the womb.

@BabyHerter: “Just started following @Therealsuri. What up, girl? We gonna kick it when I’m all born and stuff?”

If you’re interested, give our little guy a follow!

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